For those who have known us since we started as delivery service over 2 years ago, you know that all of our pasta used to be organic.

Our philosophy, on top of reducing plastic waste, is that buying organic, and supporting the organic industry is highly important. So much so that we pay quite a large amount of money to be certified with the Soil Association.

Another part of the philosophy is that we have to be realistic and know that very few people can afford to buy all, if any organic food.

We realised over time which items were prohibitively more expensive so then we weigh up whether sustainability or price is more important on that product. Eg. Nuts – an expensive food. But buying organic almonds and cashew nuts has been important to us because of the harm conventionally grown almonds/cashews cause to planet and people.

We know we are not perfect and there is never a straight answer. But we are doing our best.

Back to pasta – I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that basic ingredients such as wheat are going up in price. Most products we buy every week are more expensive every time we buy them. In our opinion, organic pasta just became too expensive.

We use an independent pasta importer that buys direct from Italy. Still, we are not as cheap as most supermarket pasta. But the quality and ethics are high and we hope you take that into consideration.

We now have the following pasta:
Fusilli – White & Wholewheat
Penne – White & Wholewheat

Spaghetti – White & Wholewheat
Lasagne Sheets – White

Having said all that we do stock two organic gluten free pastas: Brown Rice penne, and Corn Fusilli. So far these are the best deals I can get. As an independent retailer we can’t seem to get my hands on better value gluten free pasta. The search continues!

As ever we are always open to feedback and suggestions. You can always send an email, call or come to the shop anytime for a chat and discussion. In fact we positively encourage it. We exist for you!

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