Active Dried Yeast




Active Dried Yeast is a living organism that’s dormant until proofed, or dissolved in a small amount of lukewarm warm water (about 110°F). It’s then added to the rest of the ingredients, where it causes dough to rise.

Usage: To activate the yeast, mix with water before adding to the flour. 50ml water for 10g yeast (a touch of sugar may also help boost the activity, 0.5% of the weight of the flour). The temperature of the water when using active yeast is very important and should be between 35-38C, anything below 32C or above 40C will result in less effective results. Let stand for 10 minutes and stir before using.

If the recipe calls for ‘Instant yeast’ you can use the same proportion of ‘Active’, and if ‘fresh’ is listed, please use half the amount of active yeast.

Ingredients: Yeast

Manufactured in France by Saf-Levure

Allergens: Packed in an area that also handles nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and gluten.

Storage: Refrigerate immediately to ensure the yeast stays fresh and active.

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