Bamboo Cutlery Set


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Say no to single use plastics with this reusable bamboo zero waste cutlery set.

This set is perfect for picnics, travelling and eating on the move. Keep it in your bag wherever you go and you will never need to use single use plastic cutlery for your takeaway or lunch ever again!

BIODEGRADABLE: Unlike plastic cutlery, this bamboo set will fully biodegrade rather than lasting hundreds of years in landfill.

NATURAL MATERIALS: As one of the fastest growing plants on the planet we love bamboo.

SAY NO TO SINGLE USE PLASTIC: “Do you want a plastic fork with that?” “No way!”

JUTE BAG: The cutlery set is packaged in this handy jute draw string bag.

CARE: Please remember to clean your set before use. Hand wash and do not put in the dish washer in order to preserve its life.

 The ‘Eat Wild’ Bamboo Cutlery set includes:

1 x Bamboo Fork 20cm

1 x Bamboo Knife 20cm

1 x Bamboo Spoon 20cm

1 x Bamboo Reusable Straw 20cm

1 x Straw Cleaner 20cm

1 x Jute bag 20cm

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