Beeswax Wraps




Have you tried beeswax wraps yet? They are an excellent alternative to single use cling film as they can be used again and again. Use them for covering dishes, to keep leftovers fresh or even you sandwiches.

These are wrapped in an eye catching way and make nice gifts.

We love Bristol Wax’s beeswax wraps as they are thick and well covered with the wax so they really do fold and stick to the dish.

They are made from the finest organic cotton poplin, pine resin from wales, and organic beeswax.

Choose from 3 different size packs.

Please note that colours may differ from the picture shown.

About Bristol Wax: Bristol Wax is based in Easton. It’s a company that aims to support local, natural beeswax producers, and uses their wax as much as possible. Bristol wax donates. a portion of its proceeds to  Bee The Change Project and to Bees for Development, an international Bee keeping organisation that promotes beekeeping internationally as a means of escaping poverty.


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