Eco Christmas Crackers – with seeds


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6 Eco Christmas Crackers that each contain a packet of seeds instead of the usual plastic gift. Your guests are sure to appreciate the long lasting gift of a seed packet with seeds that can be planted and bring joy long after Christmas is over.

Each cracker contains 1 seed packet of either Sunflower, White Daisy, Red Poppy, Chives, Basil or Parsley. Actual seed contents may vary.

A Gorgeous addition to your Christmas table, these crackers are adorned with rustic drawings of Reindeer and Robins and finished off with a green ribbon. The ribbon is made from wood pulp derived from Pine and Eucalyptus trees, which mean they are biodegradable!


* Made in the UK
* FSC certified card
* 100% recyclable
* Ribbons made from biodegradable wood pulp

Each box contains 6 crackers in total, comprising of 3 Reindeer designs and 3 Robin designs.

Each Cracker contains:

* 1x Seed packet (Sunflower, White Daisy, Red Poppy, Chives, Basil
or Parsley)
* 1x Hat
* 1x Joke

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