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Carrying a hand sanitiser has become as important as carrying our keys and wallets every time we go out. When soap and water is not available, hand sanitiser is the next best thing with its ability to kill germs and eliminate bacteria.

We hate that most hand sanitisers dry out our hands and have a chemical smell. So we were pleased to find this spray made in Bristol by Resbite.

It contains 60% alcohol which is the WHO recommended amount for hand sanitisers.

It also contains essential oils known to have antiviral properties. Together with the vegetable glycerin this also means the spray is soft on hands and is not drying. It smells good too!

The bottle is reusable and recyclable plastic. Return to us when done and we will pass back to Resbite to be used again.

Volume:  50ml

Warning: Flammable liquid and vapour, keep away from sources of heat andignition. No smoking during use. Keep out of reach of children, to be used under adult supervision only. Avoid eye contact

Do not use on broken or irritated skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

For external use only: Do not ingest. Do not spray on clothes or fabric

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