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M.I.F = Made in Fishponds. You can’t get more local than that!

These soaps are handmade with the most gorgeous smelling essential oils. Each one has a unique colouring using mineral micas and are individually packaged in recyclable paper.

As Steph, the owner of MIF Soap Co says: “There’s a joy to be had in seeing real bars of hand made soap sitting in their little dishes. Soap that feels as good as it smells. Soap that has been lovingly made, not pumped into a plastic dispenser by a machine.”

All the soaps are named after songs. What you choose to sing in the bath however, is totally up to you.

​Bar Weight: 100g

All soaps available with string  (See image of ‘Soap on the water’). Enter note at checkout if you want one with string.

See also: Wooden soap dish

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