Minor Figures Oat Milk




We would always recommend making your own oat milk if you have the time to avoid packaging (A recipe will be uploaded soon!). But if you don’t have time, Minor Figures Oat Milk is the next best thing.

Minor Figures is recommended by Wogan Coffee as the best oat milk for making barista level coffee. It doesn’t split in the lightest roasts, and textures to the perfect micro-foam when steamed.

It’s an all rounder also working well in cereal or cooking such as béchamel sauces.

They are UK based and still independent. We love to support them.

Everything that Minor Figures does is now Carbon Neutral.

By the way, oats require a fraction of the water and land needed to produce cow’s milk, so no methane burps here.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with no added sugar, stabilisers or preservatives.

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