Organic Fairtrade Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans

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These Organic, Fairtrade single origin decaf coffee beans from Wogan coffee are decaffeinated without any chemical element. This coffee is rich and nutty, with notes of chocolate and praline and a mellow body. Unlike other decaf coffee, we think these beans really retain their body and taste from the original bean.

Origin: Cafetalera Capucas Co-Operative, San Pedro de Copan, Honduras

Beneficio Santa Rosa Mill takes coffee in parchment form from nearby farms with traceable location tags. Beans are prepared in the central mill before being sent to the Swiss Water Decaffeination plant in Canada. The process simply uses pure water and osmosis to produce coffee that is 99.9% free of caffeine.

About Wogan Coffee Roasters – Wogan Coffee sources and imports exceptional artisan and speciality coffees from sustainable and ethical farms worldwide, hand-roasting every single bean to perfection, while building a better future for growers and their families. Established in the heart of Bristol in 1970, Wogan Coffee is now in it’s third generation, with one Wogan in Bristol, and the other in London.

Wogan Coffee supply the coffee beans to us in tins which we return to them so there is no wasted packaging.

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