Organic Sage




Organic Sage is supplied in a glass jar for you to keep (no deposit charged) or we can fill your containers at your door.  

See FAQ for more info.

Originating in the northern Mediterranean, there are several varieties. A strong flavour and high tannin content urges cautious use (becomes bitter in excess). Commonly used in sauces and stuffings.

Buying organic herbs ensures that they are not contaminated by any pesticides, chemicals, irradiation, fillers, GMOs, or chemical additives. You are sure to notice the difference in flavour and smell compared to supermarket herbs.

Price includes the jar for you to keep. See FAQ for more info.

Country of Origin: Turkey

Allergens: Packed in an area that also handles nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and gluten.

Storage: Cool and dry, away from direct light and strong odours.

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