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Handmade in Bristol!

Bristol based Padg Made’s mission is to  get everyone planting more wildflowers to help save our declining wild
bee population.


* Handmade rainbow seed bombs x20 
* Pollinator Haven – Art print A7 by Nathaniel J. Hall
* Pollinator Haven Stickers x2



…Well not quite, but that’s the main bit.

Best sown during spring or late summer/early autumn. Contains enough to plant 2 m2 Sow into open soil with no weeds or other vegetation.

No need for compost, or anything fancy like that. These are native British flower seeds and they love regular soil, they aren’t fussy.

These bombs work great in pots too, indoors or outdoors, just make sure it’s a nice sunny spot and it gets plenty of water.

Contains a mix of up to 18 different native seed varieties both annuals and perennials (some will flower quickly and some that will flower next year)

Unfortunately In the UK, we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows in the last 40 years. This has had devastating effects to our bee population, who are so vital to the worlds eco system.

But.. with the help of amazing people like you, we can change this. 

Create your own pollinator haven today!

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