“Brilliant company, great selection of products, all responsibly sourced and delivered plastic free in various sizes. Hope they go from strength to strength as service is awesome.” Kelly, Emersons Green

What if I’m not home when you deliver?

You can let us know about a safe space to leave your order. Ideally this should be covered, whether it is a porch or an upturned box. If you don’t have anywhere suitable, we can deliver in the evening up to 9pm. Please let us know in the comments box at checkout and we will be in touch to arrange.

For more information see the Delivery page.


I have so many glass jars at home, we don’t have room for more. Can you refill my containers?

Yes we can. Choose ‘own containers’ at checkout. You can drop them off to us in Fishponds. We will fill them and return them to you on your delivery day.

We accept any sealable container eg. tupperware or glass jars, or even old paper bags! Please specify if you want a particular product in a particular container. We will not clean your jars before refilling them. We cannot take any responsibility for cross contamination of allergens within your containers.


Why are herbs and spices only supplied in glass jars and we get to keep the jar?

The inside of our paper bags are not coated. This is so the bags can be recycled/composted. Unfortunately, finely ground herbs and spices do not sit well in this type of paper bag as they get stuck! To keep it simple we decided to sell all herbs and spices in jars without a charging a deposit so you can keep the jar if you like. However, if you can’t find another use for them when you’re done, we’ll happily take them back for reuse!

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