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There are many ways to package your order.

None of them is the perfect solution.

So we leave it to you to choose what you prefer. Here are some things to consider before deciding:

Degradable plastic bagPaper bagGlass Jar
Carbon Footprint considerationsMade from fossil fuels.

Degradable bag will eventually biodegrade much quicker than a standard bag.
Uses more water and energy to produce and recycle than plastic bag.Heavy
weight and large size increases carbon footprint of transportation.
No. of uses by Nom11Estimated - Infinite as long as it doesn’t break.
Weight (without contents)4gUp to approx 80gUp to approx 500g
Kerbside recyclingYes – green binYes – black binYes – black bin
Bio degradeableYes – the bags have been injected with chemicals that allow them to degrade fully to biomass under the correct conditions. This will happen in landfill, although at a slow rate.YesNo
No. of uses by customerA few times is possible, but not many applications.A few times. We recommend using them in your food caddy binOnce then return to Nom.

Labels on the paper and plastic bags are fully recyclable and biodegradable along with the bag.

Labels on the glass jars are removable. Unfortunately these are not available in a recyclable format. This is due to the adhesive used.

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