Eco Dishwasher Tablets



Eco Dishwasher Tablets that REALLY WORK and are are plastic free by Bio D.

It’s really hard to find eco tablets that really work without all the nasty chemicals usually found in dishwasher tablets. We’ve tried many kinds and found these are the only ones that really work.

These dishwasher tablets pack a powerful punch and will keep your plates & cutlery sparkling clean.

The compact design means they take up very little space in your cupboard and save on carbon emissions in production and transport.

Each tab is ready to use in its own biodegradable water-soluble wrapper to keep the powder dry before use.

We recommend you make sure your rinse aid and dishwasher salt are topped up especially in hard water areas. Buy dishwasher salt from us without plastic packaging.

Ingredients: 5-15% Oxygen Bleaching Agents, <5% non ionic surfactants, Polycarboxylates, enzymes. Contains Subtilisin.

May produce an allergic reaction.

See also: Dishwasher salt,

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