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Plastic free toilet roll! Are you still buying toilet roll wrapped in plastic?  Beware of toilet roll packaged in ‘compostable’ packaging. If you don’t have a compost heap, it’s unlikely the material will be composted by your council.

Why not buy a whole box?

These are supplied to you as single rolls without any plastic packaging and without any extra paper packaging. Simple, naked rolls created with minimum impact to the environment, and minimum waste as possible.

3PLY SOFT RECYCLED white tissue
3ply quilted & laminated, 210 EXTRA LONG sheets per roll (30 metres)
Roll height EXTRA TALL 112mm
Roll diameter 120mm
Core diameter 50mm

zero plastic product & packaging
zero BPA
zero chlorine
zero harmful toxins
zero fragrance or inks

Manufactured entirely in the UK

Buy 6 or more, get 10% off.


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