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You can place an online order with us for a wide range of groceries from us. From plastic free food to eco friendly cleaning products and bathroom refills.

Local delivery £15 minimum spend. Free delivery over £25.

Click & Collect and Royal Mail, no minimum spend.


You can choose your packaging on 80% of our products. Your options:

  • Borrow our jars for a £2 deposit per jar.
  • Paper bags.
  • Degradable plastic bags.
  • Drop off your own containers. See the FAQ page for more info.
  • See our Packaging Page for a discussion on the environmental impact of each option.


We deliver locally on Thursdays and Fridays.

Free Click and Collect on Monday-Saturday at our Staple Hill hop. No minimum spend.

National Delivery via Royal Mail. No minimum spend.

Return any empty jars on your next delivery.

See Delivery Page for more information.

“Very good service and top quality products delivered to your door! Locally sourced and environmentally friendly products. Nikki and team are simply brilliant!” Maria, Staple Hill

Product Weights

For most products we use 3 sizes of jar which are approx. 500ml, 1L, 2L.

Each product has a different weight per volume, so the weight of each product will be different.  This is why you’ll notice that we sell products in non-standard weights, and different weights to each other.

To keep things simple, we use the same weights for the bags as the jars.


We follow the food agency food safety guidelines. We have a level 2 certificate in Food Hygiene for Retail, and a food hygiene rating Level 5 from Bristol City Council.

We do everything we can to keep allergens separated from each other and other foods. We store them separately, weigh separately and pack separately.

However, we do store and pack everything in the same room so we cannot guarantee there will be no cross contamination at all.

If you have a severe allergy from any of the products, let us know and we’ll ensure to pack your order with this in mind.

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