Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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This Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Aeithalis is about as pure as you can get and comes pretty much directly from the farmers in Greece.

We are great value for superb quality olive oil. Price is for 1L in a glass bottle.

We deliver nationwide plastic free. Receive your olive oil in glass bottles hand decanted to order.

This olive oil is a gorgeous green coming from the pure olives that make it.

This olive oil is healthy for the trees, nature and yourself….

The ‘Duvichus’ Grove doesn’t look like how you’d expect. It is a forest full of life and sustaining life is its primary function.A healthy ecosystem makes for better olive oil than all the chemical growth hormones in the world.

All the olives are cold pressed at the highest quality cooperative olive mill just down the road from the Grove.
Duvichus have their own bottling facility so they can do everything themselves with minimal road miles.

The olive variety is Koroneiki which has the highest levels of polyphenols in the world. It is native to Messenia where the grove is based so you know it’s the perfect micro climate for the olive trees to grow.

This olive oil is great for all kinds of cooking. Delicious raw in salad dressings, or to add amazing flavour to roast vegetables.

Ingredients: Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil infused with a trace amounts of rosemary.

The rosemary is added to comply with the UK regulations on selling extra virgin olive oil on tap. It doesn’t affect the taste in any way.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

Country of origin: Greece

NB: Shape of the bottle may vary from the image shown.

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