why should I switch to an eco laundry detergent?

Question: Why should you be using an eco laundry detergent?


Answer: Phosphates! 

Phosphates will be found in most commercial laundry liquids. They make it through waste water treatment plants into the open water. 

They then react with freshwater in rivers and sea to make algae. This algae starves that area of water of oxygen. Finally, this results in most fish in the eco system dying.

avoid phosphates

Check the ingredients of your laundry detergent and don’t accept phosphates or phosphates. 

Other reasons to move to an eco laundry detergent.

Petroleum based ingredients: There is nothing environmentally good about these.

You will see the ingredients ‘surfactants’ on your laundry liquid bottle. These are the molecules that break down dirt. This could be made by fossil fuelled petroleum based ingredients.

  • However, ‘greener’ plant based alternatives could be palm or coconut oil based which comes with their own ecological problems. Both oils have been linked to devastating mass deforestation.
  • Unfortunately, there is no requirement to list where the surfactant comes from. So you don’t know when you use your branded detergent what all the ingredients are and can’t make an informed choice.

Refill eco laundry detergent from Nom Wholefoods

At Nom Wholefoods our laundry detergent is supplied by SESI. We know that they only use sustainable, plant based ingredients so we can be sure there are no nasties for us or the environment in their products.

Some of the products do contain less then 1% 100% sustainable palm oil. Please get in touch if you have any questions about this.

Other benefits from refilling at Nom:

  • No Plastic waste. 100,0000s non biodegradable bottles are thrown away every year. Save your bottle and refill it.
  • Cheaper than any other brand you find in the supermarket.
  • Effective too!

Refill from us in two ways:

  1. Order online and we refill at your door.
  2. Bring any bottle you like and refill at our shop. Find us at 37 Broad Street, Staple Hill, Bristol.

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