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I recently received 100 x A4 sheets of labels, in 4 x non recyclable plastic packs, wrapped in plastic, in a box, in a non-recyclable plastic mailing parcel. I’ve received labels from other suppliers without plastic so I e-mailed this supplier asking why I had to receive 4 separate packs and could I request that I receive future orders without any plastic.

The reply was not the most polite. In fact it was a display of Great British Passive Aggression. He explained that the packs are pre-packed and I wouldn’t get same day despatch if this wasn’t the case. I didn’t request same day despatch. He explained that the plastic is not single use because you are meant to keep your labels in the packet to preserve them. I disagree – once the labels have been used, I cannot use the packet for anything else.

And finally…”From a purely personal perspective I wish much more emphasis was placed on reducing the current and future mining and burning of coal in USA, China and India.  It is easy to research this online. In % terms this is massively more important than many of the other more fashionable environmental concerns.”

And to this I agree. The single most important thing we need to do to slow down climate change is to reduce our use fossil fuels. Just today there was a report that Greenhouse gas emissions have broken new records which is madness. There are many ways the emissions could be reduced from government legislation to personal use.

Reducing plastic use has perhaps become fashionable but it doesn’t take away it’s importance. It’s a different side to the same coin. Plastics are filling our cities and oceans killing animals and fish, and affecting human health. Most plastic does not biodegrade. It’s just going to sit on the earth or in the sea forever.  We need to find alternatives and consume less of it.

We can’t all do everything to save the planet. We all do what we feel is necessary. No one should be judged for that. Nom has decided to help the plastic cause by offering plastic free alternatives for grocery shopping (See the Packaging Page to find out about the alternatives we offer). Further to this, if we are going to ask our customers to reduce their plastic, we must also question all our suppliers.

If we don’t ask questions and let them know that we want change then they won’t even consider it. So we will continue to ask questions even if they don’t like it!

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