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Plastic free deodorant – Have you switched yet?

Standard antiperspirant deodorants come in throw away, multi-plastic, non recyclable containers.

A 2021 U.S. study estimates that 367,032,066 bottles of deodorant are thrown away every year in the U.S. alone.* Staggering.

Along with this, the chemicals in the deodorants may be harming us more than we know.

Although the scientific evidence is not yet there to show a direct link between deodorants and health problems, there is pretty strong evidence that the chemicals within them are individually harmful.

If you want to make the switch to a more natural and plastic free deodorant there are lots of options out there. And these are not just for women by the way!

Some work better than others and different formulations suit different people e.g. A lot of them use bicarbonate of soda which some people find they are sensitive to.

When converting, I always explain to people to expect a transition period as your body gets used to working without the chemicals.

Anti-perspirant deodorants literally stop your sweat pores working. In the first few weeks of using a natural deoderant you may sweat A LOT more than you’re expecting.

It was quite alarming when I switched in the middle of summer! I didn’t smell more, I just sweated more! After a few weeks everything went back to normal and your body finds the balance.

I sampled a few different deodorants for the shop and I really like both the options we have on the shelves and use them both myself.

It all comes down to personal preference.

Soul & Soap Deo balm – In a reusable tin. You spread it on with your finger. It is really effective and I find the scent stays with you all day. We have 3 scents. One of them is called “Like a Boss”, which may be more suited to our male customers.

Earth Conscious Deodorant Stick (available in the shop, not online yet) – In a cardboard tube. Wipe on like a roll on deodorant. 2 fragrances plus a fragrance free.

*Source – thebodyshop

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